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Lanyards group

The Data Controller is AMGS Group, located at Poland, 80-416 Gdańsk, Al. Generała Józefa Hallera 134/223, (Tax Id. No.) NIP 5833278093, REGON: 368996951.

You can contact our Data Processing Officer in traditional form by sending a mail to the Data Controller, or by an e-mail address:

Your data processed by Lanyards group may be obtained in various ways. Most often, the data are provided directly by the client, for example within the negotiation on the conclusion of a contractual relationship. However, Lanyards group, in lawful cases, processes data originating from other sources like rightfully published data, or if entity interested in our products and services indicated you as contacting person.

We are processing personal data for the following purposes:

1. for negotiations on contract conclusion or contract amendment, or for the fulfilment of the contract
2. for the protection of our rights and legally protected interests, like proving our legal claim for compensation or debt collection
3. to ensure safety
4. to comply with legal reguirements
5. archiving
6. creating ratio indexes and analyses necessary connected to Lanyards group Business activity
7. answering for questions and claims you, or legal authority may have

Additionally, if you allowed us to it by giving marketing consent or you will give it to us in future, it is possible that we will proces your data for
8. Carrying out marketing activities, including offering our trade and services also by sending commercial communications by electronic means
You may give us the consent in here:

The reasons why we are legally allowed to process your personal data is always one or more of the following:
1. Your consent
2. Necessity to fulfill the contract or for negotiations on contract conclusion or contract amendment made on your proposal.
3. Necessity to fullfill legal requirements by Data Controller
4. Necessity for the purposes of Data Controller stipulated by the law, such as answering for questions or concerns you may have

Your data may be transferred to the following entities:
1. Our suppliers and contractors in connection to the contract
2. Entities that are allowed by law
3. State authorities authorized to control such as the Police,
4. Business information bureau
5. Enforcement authorities
6. Delivery companies delivering you products
7. Assignees
8. Law companies supporting us in connection to the contract

Your data will not be transferred outside European Economic Area, unless it is directly connected to fullfilling the contract (for example if you wish your purchase to be sent outside EEA) or if they guarantee a high level of personal data protection

The processing period depends on the purpose we process it for. We take into the account the following criteria:
1. Period given by statutory requirement to store information
2. Period necessary to defend our interests depending
3. Period defined within the consent

We inform, that with regard to your personal data, you have the right to:
1. Acces the data
2. Correct (edit) the data
3. Suplement the data
4. Remove or limit the processing of your data
5. Delete the data
6. Transfer the data

If you have doubts regarding the processing of your personal data and excersizing your rights, you can also lodge a complaint to the supervisory body.

Any questions and doubts regarding the processing of your personal data by Lanyards group can be sent to You can contact us also in traditional form by sending a mail to the following address: Poland, 80-416 Gdańsk, Al. Generała Józefa Hallera 134/223

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